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HD - Aom - The hunter becomes the hunted [HD 720p] - Aom - The hunter becomes the hunted [HD 720p]

Maybe it’s the fact that word travels when a foreigner is in town or the sheer pussy-power-fed confidence of these two standing on the side of the road extrude but.. the truth is, the boys here were the ones that were prey this time around. As it appeared to us, it was like someone spotting what looked like a $100 bill crumpled up on the side of the road. You look, you look again.. then you head back and look again. Then realizing, it is in fact a $100 bill. Except, for this time, she instead found a man who has probably pounded 100 other Thai spinners just like her and could easily satisfy every craving her increasingly wet pussy could imagine. The piece-DE-resistance for this one though, is that it was literally effortless. It’s like a tiger hunter’s ironic realization that HE is the prey and it’s already too late! So let me tell you all a little story about today’s update.
Format : Flash Video
File size : 493 MiB
Duration : 30mn 36s
Overall bit rate : 2 251 Kbps
Video : 1280x720 - Aom - The hunter becomes the hunted [HD 720p]

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