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SD Cameron Love - Revenge is a Bitch! [SD] Cameron Love - Revenge is a Bitch! [SD]

Name: Revenge is a Bitch!
Released: 2015
Subsites and site:
Genre: Strapon, Toys, Femdom, Humiliating, Ass Worship, Domination
Actress: Cameron Love
Time: 33mn 17s

Описание:Revenge is a bitch best served odd, Cameron Love always likes to say. And to prove her point, Cameron makes a practice of inviting old boyfriends over to rehash old times, reminding them, in not too subtle fashion, how their insensitive and loutish behavior has torn a gaping hole in her heart. Not one to hold a grudge, Cameron then usually lets bygones be bygones. But, being a woman scorned, there's this matter of getting the last word in. In the past, Cameron would simply kick her man in the nuts with the toe of her stiletto, make her point and be done with it. If only it were that simple now. For reasons Cameron can't quite understand, the frequency of emotional episodes has increased [probably because LA does have its share of assholes]. Hence, the nature and intensity of Cameron's payback has modified itself accordingly. Nothing suits her better, now, than dolling up her man for a good ass reaming. "You waste a good tube of lipstick, but what the fuck," says Cameron. She also said something about the aroma of violated man-ass turning her on, but we found that too disturbing to relate.

Quality: SD
Video format: wmv
Video: WMV3 640 x 360 (1.778) 1 337 Kbps
Audio: WMA2 at 48.0 Kbps
Size: 332 MiB Cameron Love - Revenge is a Bitch! [SD]